When two teen roommates decide to go at it tooth and nail wearing nothing but their pantyhose, you just KNOW the loser is going to have to SMELL something hot and NASTY! Pantyhose facesitting fans will love the erotic wrestling and catfighting action when Sasha and Gina forget they're young ladies and dish out the ass smother and forced pussy smelling DELIGHTS!
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"You little fucking slut!" Sasha yelled at her new teen roommate Gina "So YOU'RE the one who has been trying on my pantyhose! And without panties? DO you think I want your skanky pussy smelling up my new hose? I'm going to kick your little bitch ass into next week!" And with that the battle was on! Sasha threw the poor girl around the room, pulling her hair, twisting her tender young tits and biting her savagely. But little Gina fought back hard, kicking, scratching and managing to tear Sasha's clothes off until she too was left topless and clad only in her pantyhose! Furniture was breaking and glass shattering as these two teen wildcats hurled about the room catfighting and wrestling like demons!"

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"As they fought and tumbled about the apartment Sasha grabbed Gina by the hair and forced her face right into her crotch "Smell my pussy, bitch!" she hissed "I'm going to make you lick me from my cunt to my asshole before I'm done with you!" Gina tried to fight back but the other teen's grip was too strong, she felt the wet sweaty warmth of Sasha's pussy on her face beneath the sheer nylon fabric of the pantyhose she was wearing. "N-Nooo!" she cried out "I'm not a fucking dyke like you!" Sasha just grinned as she pinned the poor young girl under her ass "You're going to be my little bitch!" she screamed "I'll MAKE you eat pussy!" This was one pantyhose catfight that was getting out of control!"
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"Smell that asshole, bitch!" Sasha bellowed as she sat directly on little Gina's face, smashing her ass right down hard "I want you to tell me how GOOD it fucking smells!" Gina struggled and tried to wrestle free, but she couldn't shake the other girl off. The tangy aroma of Sasha's sweaty brown anus filled her nostrils and she could actually feel the girl's pussy juices smear her face right through the thin fabric of her pantyhose. "N-NOOO!" she yelled, struggling to get free "G-Get off of me you fucking bitch!" But Sasha just laughed, she had the little teen just where she wanted her and was going to give her a good dose of facesitting in pantyhose for as long as she wanted..."

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"Get OFF!" Gina yelled and with a mighty heave she upended Sasha and sent her crashing across the room. "I'm going to KILL you!" Gina screamed as she leapt on the other teen, ripping her hair and slapping her repeatedly across the face. Sasha tried to fight back, she pulled Gina's tits and yanked on her tender young pink nipples. "OWWW!" Gina screamed in pain "You fucking CUNT!" She viciously back-handed Sasha and then jumped on her. She began to pummel her with blow after blow, tearing at her hair and yanking her nipples. The tide was turning in this hot little pantyhose catfight!"
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a pantyhose catfight facesitting picture

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"Now it's YOUR turn to smell ass!" Gina yelled as she managed to pin Sasha to the floor beneath her ass "Let's see how YOU like smelling SHIT!" She began to grind and force her ass down on Sasha's nose and mouth, wriggling and rubbing her sweaty ass crack back and forth across the other teen's face. "Get SOME!" she bellowed triumphantly "And if you ever put your hands on me again, I'll make you eat my shit from a BOWL!" WHOA! Now this was one fucking hot pantyhose catfight and facesitting wrestling battle to remember! Who knows where it might of led to if the cops hadn't broken down the door and arrested the two topless teens for disturbing the peace!"

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